Lerping lol

Chico provides a great post on lerping in Unity3d.
How to Lerp like a pro

Lerp stands for something, linear interpolation I think, I don’t fucking know much about it, but Chico over there provides a great explanation and a bunch of quality scripts. I’ll let him do the explaining. The most I can say about Lerping is I think if a person “lerped” he’d make a squishy wet sound.

I’m not much of a programmer.


I’d like this game out by Christmas. Seems every time I near closer to 90% finished, I find another bug or feature I’d like to add, and realize I’m actually only 4% finished.

pic unrelated

Object Pooling

Linking this object pool script for future reference. For anyone reading who needs a simple object pooling script, I highly recommend this one. Object pooling works by activating/ deactiving objects instead of spawning and destroying them. SimplePool.Spawn replaces Instatiate and SimplePool.Despawn replaces Destroy(object). SimplePool.Preload(object, amount) preloads however many objects you want. Easy as that. The script is great for game performance and memory management. Here it is: https://gist.github.com/quill18/5a7cfffae68892621267


Next one up is Clud. It’s a 3d platformer. I figured out how to stick a banner ad on this one already. It’s going to be much, much better designed than Prism Runner.

Prism Runner Update

I’ve got a couple hundred people playing all over the world now. I think that’s fucking neato. I need to insert a Admob banner (google mobile ads) into the game. It’ll be good practice for the next game. There’s just not enough time, and when there is I don’t have enough energy. I just want to get high and watch the office instead.


first submittal to the app-store got rejected. “metadata rejected”. fuck. what does that mean? turns out they just didn’t like my app store screen shots. So I took some new ones. I bet they haven’t even reviewed the game binary yet. fuck. gotta wait some more, again.